ODNR Day At The Fair Info

The ODNR Day at The Great Darke County Fair will be Sunday-August 21 beginning at 12:00 pm and lasting until 6:00 pm.

Groups that will be attending are: ODNR Divisions of: Natural Area and Preserves, Parks and Recreation, Watercraft and Wildlife. The following Conservation Organizations will also be represented: Darke County Fish and Game Association, Pheasants Forever and Safari Club International. Also, the Darke County 4H Shooting Sports Club will be there as well.

There will be presentations given by ODNR, Parks and Recreation, and Wildlife as well as Pheasants forever. Topics will include Ohio’s deer herd and its management, hunting opportunities on state lands along with a discussion regarding how to attract pollinators and the new pollinator habitat creation program. These presentations will last 15 to 20 minutes with a question and answer session following. Presentations will begin on the hour with Ohio’s Deer Herd Management occurring at 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm, Pheasant Forever will discuss Pollinator’s and Their Habitat given at 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm and ODNR Parks and Recreation will present their topic at 3:00 pm. If Parks does not offer a presentation, Wildlife will have a brief one discussing upcoming opportunities to hunt on state lands.

In addition, there will be learning opportunities available that include: Safari Club International’s sensory trailer, a trailer full of hands on activities, mounts, furs and skulls; ODNR Watercraft’s personal watercraft trainer, a self-contained training unit that provides a realistic experience how to safely operate personal watercraft; ODNR Parks and Recreation will have Ohio’s furbearers displayed; and the archery trailer along with the BB gun range from ODNR Wildlife which will be staffed by the 4H shooting sports club.

These demonstrations will take place at the same location as the Elephant, Tiger and Alligator Shows in past years.